Nora Roberts Reading List

Irish Hearts Books

  1. Irish Thoroughbred
  2. Sullivan’s Woman
  3. Irish Rose
  4. Irish Rebel

Davidov Books

  1. Reflections
  2. Dance of Dreams

MacGregors Books

  1. Serena, Caine (Playing the Odds; Tempting Fate)
  2. Alan, Grant (All the Possibilities; One Man’s Art)
  3. Daniel, Ian (For Now, Forever; In From the Cold)
  4. Rebellion
  5. The MacGregor Brides
  6. Robert & Cybil (The Winning Hand; The Perfect Neighbor)
  7. The MacGregor Grooms

Miniseries Books

Cordina’s Royal Family Books

  1. Gabriella & Alexander (Affaire Royale; Command Performance)
  2. Bennett & Camilla (The Playboy Prince; Cordina’s Crown Jewel)


  1. Cordina’s Royal Family (Affaire Royale; Command Performance; The Playboy Prince)
  2. Cordina’s Crown Jewel

Sacred Sins Books

  1. Sacred Sins
  2. Brazen Virtue

O’Hurley’s Books

  1. Born O’Hurley / O’Hurley Born (The Last Honest Woman; Dance to the Piper)
  2. O’Hurley’s Return (Skin Deep; Without a Trace)

Loving Jack Books

  1. Love by Design (Loving Jack; Best Laid Plans)
  2. Lawless

The Stanislaskis/Those Wild Ukrainians Books

  1. The Stanislaski Sisters (Taming Natasha; Falling for Rachel)
  2. The Stanislaski Brothers (Luring a Lady; Convincing Alex)
  3. Chasing Destiny (Waiting for Nick; Considering Kate)

Calhoun Women Books

  1. The Calhouns : Catherine, Amanda and Lilah (Courting Catherine; A Man for Amanda; For the Love of Lilah)
  2. The Calhouns. Suzanna and Megan (Suzanna’s Surrender; Megan’s Mate)

Night Tales Books

  1. Keep You Close (Night Moves; Night Shift)
  2. Night Shadow
  3. Stolen (Nightshade; Night Smoke)
  4. Night Shield (Unavailable)

Donovan Legacy Books

  1. Captivated & Entranced (Captivated; Entranced)
  2. The Donovan Legacy (Captivated; Entranced; Charmed)
  3. Charmed & Enchanted (Charmed; Enchanted)

Concannon Sisters Books

  1. Born in Fire
  2. Born in Ice
  3. Born in Shame
  4. Born In Trilogy (Born in Fire; Born in Ice; Born in Shame)

MacKade Brothers Books

  1. Rafe and Jared (The Return of Rafe MacKade; The Pride of Jared MacKade)
  2. Devin and Shane (The Heart of Devin MacKade; The Fall of Shane MacKade)

Templeton House Books

  1. Daring to Dream
  2. Holding the Dream
  3. Finding the Dream
  4. Dream Trilogy (Daring to Dream; Holding the Dream; Finding the Dream)

Stars of Mithra Books

  1. Hidden Star
  2. Captive Star
  3. Secret Star

Chesapeake Bay/Quinn Bros. Books

  1. Sea Swept
  2. Rising Tides
  3. Inner Harbor
  4. Chesapeake Blue

Gallaghers Of Ardmore Books

  1. Jewels of the Sun
  2. Tears of the Moon
  3. Heart of the Sea

Three Sisters Island Books

  1. Dance Upon the Air
  2. Heaven and Earth
  3. Face the Fire

Key Trilogy Books

  1. Key of Light
  2. Key of Knowledge
  3. Key of Valor

In the Garden Books

  1. Blue Dahlia
  2. Black Rose
  3. Red Lily

The Circle Trilogy Books

  1. Morrigan’s Cross
  2. Dance of the Gods
  3. Valley of Silence

Sign of Seven Books

  1. Blood Brothers
  2. The Hollow
  3. The Pagan Stone

The Bride Quartet Books

  1. Vision In White
  2. Bed of Roses
  3. Savor the Moment
  4. Happy Ever After

Inn Boonsboro Books

  1. The Next Always
  2. The Last Boyfriend
  3. The Perfect Hope

Cousins O’Dwyer Books

  1. Dark Witch
  2. Shadow Spell
  3. Blood Magick

Guardians Books

  1. Stars of Fortune
  2. Bay of Sighs
  3. Island of Glass

The One Books

  1. Year One
  2. Of Blood and Bone
  3. The Rise of Magicks


Standalone Novels

See also J. D. Robb

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