Library Code of Conduct

While in the Library, please do

  • Ask for help when you need it. 
  • Let us know if the Library does not have the item or service you want. 
  • Keep your conversations (with people in the Library and on the phone) and personal electronic devices at a volume that does not disturb others. 
  • Use headphones when listening to media on any device.
  • Beverages in covered containers are permissible throughout the Library. 
  • Ensure that your children 10 years and under are attended by an adult. 
  • Be courteous to other patrons and to staff. 

While in the Library, please do not

  • Destroy, deface, or abuse Library property. 
  • Be disruptive, disorderly, or harass other patrons and/or staff. 
  • Smoke or use tobacco, organic material, or other substances; be under the influence of or consume alcohol or illegal substances. 
  • Consume food near computer stations.
  • Leave animals unattended on Library property. 
  • Bring into the Library anything which creates an obstacle or takes up seating. 
  • Use skateboards, skates, rollerblades, or bicycles on Library property. 
  • Engage in sexual conduct as defined in ORS 167.060.  
  • Disturb other library patrons or staff through extremely poor personal hygiene. 
  • Conduct surveys or post or distribute printed material without staff approval; or panhandle or solicit for sales, charity, religious, or political purposes. 

In addition to the above, any violation of Federal, State, or local statutes will be regarded as a violation of Library rules. The Coquille Public Library reserves the right to eject or suspend library privileges to those individuals who violate Library rules. In addition to the sanctions imposed by the Library, further sanctions may be pursued as determined by law. 


  • Staff must be familiar with the Library Rules of Conduct. 
  • Staff will attempt to deal with any suspicious or inappropriate behavior by patrons. If staff cannot resolve the problem or need help resolving the problem, immediately report it to the person in charge (PIC). If necessary, call the police department for assistance. 
  • If illegal activity is involved, call the police; the police report number will be noted in the Library Incident Report.

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