Library Cards


  1. Provide proof of identity with photo ID. 
  2. Provide proof of physical and mailing address. 
  3. For more information on obtaining a library card, see our FAQ.
  4. More details below under “Registration Requirements”


  • Abide by library rules regarding behavior, public computer use, and borrowing materials. 
  • Accept full responsibility for items checked out on a Coastline library card and all charges associated with its use. 
  • Return items on time and in good condition to any Coastline library in Coos or Curry county. 
  • Pay all lost or damaged fees in a timely manner. Library cards are blocked from usage with fees over $5; unpaid fees are turned over to collections if payment arrangements are not made and honored. 
  • Notify any Coastline library if name or contact information has changed. 
  • Keep library card secure and notify any Coastline library if card is lost or stolen. 
  • Coastline library cards are nontransferable. 
  • Coastline libraries do not offer family cards. 
  • Coastline library card holders will not allow another person or organization the use of library card to access licensed databases or services. 
  • Library card holders assume full responsibility for any damages that may occur to personal equipment when using multimedia material. 


  • Parent/Guardians are responsible to monitor child’s use of library and library resources accessible with Coastline library card. 
  • Library material and services are available to library users of any age. 
  • Coastline libraries respect the privacy of all library users, regardless of age. Coastline libraries do not censor patron usage, regardless of age.
  • Provide child’s library card for access to child’s library account. 
  • Parents can be held responsible for fines associated with lost or damaged items. 


  • Standard patron is a permanent resident or property owner of a taxing district in Coos or Curry Counties. 
  • Outside-of-County patron is one who does not reside or own property in a taxing district in Coos or Curry county. Out-of-County cards may be purchased for 12 months/365 days at the rate of $100 per household per year or $50 per 6 months per household per year. 
  • Temporary patrons are residents of temporary housing such as shelters, or residents who have a PO Box but cannot show proof of a physical address. Temporary patron accounts must be renewed every 30 days. Status will be changed to standard patron with proof of permanent physical address.  
  • Provisional patrons are short-term residents wanting a library card on a short-term basis (such as camp hosts).
  • One Book patron status is for children between the age of 13-17 who do not have parental/guardian consent at the time a Coastline library card is issued. Once the child has parental/guardian consent, status will be changed to standard type. 


  • Library material and services are available to all Coastline library card holders. Coastline libraries do not censor patrons of any age. 
  • Standard Patron Full access to library services in Coos and Curry Counties. 
  • Outside-of-County Patron Full access to library services in Coos and Curry Counties.  
  • Temporary Patron Full access to electronic resources. Maximum of 3 items can be checked out at any one time. Limit of 1 hold. No ILL’s.  
  • Provisional Patron Full access to electronic resources. Maximum of 10 items can be checked out at any one time. Limit of 3 holds.
  • One Book Patron Full access to electronic resources. Limit of one item can be checked out at any one time. Limit of 1 hold. 


  1. Provide Photo ID. 
  2. Provide proof of mailing and physical address. 
  3. Everyone applying for a Coastline library card must be able to fill out the application form and sign their name on the library card, acknowledging the statement of responsibility and policies on the card. 
  4. Minors 
    • Minor children may have a parent or legal guardian help answer questions on the form.
    • Minor children under the age of 13 with the approval of a parent/legal guardian may obtain a Standard Library card. 
    • Minor children ages 13-17 with proof of identification and physical address do not need a parent or legal guardian present. Coastline libraries will send a Parental Letter of Notification for Patrons 13 – 17 to the address on the application informing the parent or legal guardian that the child has been issued a One Book Coastline library card. 
    • Coastline library cards that are issued to children are the same Coastline library cards that are issued to adults.  
    • The responsibility for the card and materials checked out on the card lies with the cardholder. 
    • Parents and/or legal guardians are not held responsible for a minor child’s library fees unless the account goes to collections. If a minor’s account is referred to a collection agency, the parents or legal guardian become financially responsible under Oregon law. 
  5. Information pertaining to the library card is strictly confidential protecting patron privacy regardless of the age of cardholder unless referred to a collection agency for delinquent account or when legally required by law enforcement agencies. 
  6. Exceptions may be made for:  
    • Disabled persons who are unable to fill out the application form.
    • Cardholders who wish to give permission for use of their card on their behalf on a temporary basis (e.g., a friend or relative may be authorized to temporarily checkout materials for the cardholder during an illness). Authorization must be received directly from the Cardholder, secondhand permission will not be accepted. The original cardholder is responsible for fees involved with lost or damaged items. 
  7. Potential patrons without proper identification to immediately get a library card are welcome to use the library, its computers, and borrow exchange books. 
  8. When Koha is down, staff are unable to issue library cards or replacement cards


  1. All Coastline patron records expire annually. Once a card has expired, the patron is automatically blocked from using their account until contact information is verified, updated if necessary, and expiration date extended. 
  2. The expiration date should be one year from the date of renewal. 
  3. Information to verify includes: the patron’s home address, mailing address, email address, Alternative Pickup Approvals, preferred method of notification, and phone number. 


  1. Patron records with no fines and an expired card for 3 years are purged from the system. A patron presenting a signed card that has been purged from the system must apply for a new library card, showing proof of ID and physical address. 
  2. They may use their old card if they like or a new card will be issued at no charge. 


  1. Patrons will be charged $1 replacement fee for lost cards. 
  2. Patrons reporting a stolen card will be issued a new card at no charge. 
  3. Damaged cards may be exchanged for a new one at no cost to the patron. 
  4. When Koha is down, staff are unable to issue library cards or replacement cards.


Patron PIN numbers/passwords are only used for signing into Coastline to place holds. PINs are initially set to a default number provided at card sign-up. Patrons can change their PIN number online to a password or PIN of their choice. If patrons forget their PIN number, staff will change it back to the default PIN. Staff cannot see the patron’s PIN number when accessing their account.

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