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The telephones in the library are for business use. Personal cell phones should be set to ‘vibrate’ or ‘silent’ mode and used quietly in respect of all patrons.


All public libraries in the community follow the Coos County Library Service District Public Libraries Internet Access & Use Policy


  1. Coquille Library has seven (7) public computers. Public access requires a guest pass or a valid library card. Guest passes are available at the circulation desk and are valid for 60 minutes, renewable if there are at least two (2) computers not being used at the time. Guest passes do not require a library card.   
    • Valid library cards may be used to login to public computers. Login requires the library card number and the personalized password for the patron’s card. If the library card does not work, the PIN number should be reset.   
  2. Library staff are available to help patrons with computer problems when staffing allows. 
  3. Public computers feature: internet access, LibreOffice, and printing (20 cents per page). 
  4. RULES FOR COMPUTER USE – Library computers and wireless Internet access are provided to meet the informational, cultural, education, and recreation needs of all users. To make these resources available to as many users as possible and to make sure that the equipment is used in a manner consistent with the Library Appropriate Conduct Policy, the following rules apply: 
    • Library computers and wireless Internet access may not be used for any illegal activity including, but not limited to: 
      • Damaging or altering computer equipment, systems, or software. 
      • Displaying any material that is obscene (as defined in ORS 167.080). 
      • Displaying, printing, or sending material that is libelous, threatening, or harassing. 
      • Downloading or installing any harmful program including, but not limited to, spyware, viruses, malware, or any other illegal utility. 
      • Violating copyright or trademark laws, software licensing agreements, or intellectual property rights. 
    • Because computers are in public areas of the library, what is displayed on the monitor is not confidential. 
    • To allow all users opportunity to use the computer equipment, users are asked to comply with the following procedures and limits: 
      • Use of the public Internet computers is limited. 
      • All patrons begin with sixty minutes of use per day; library staff may extend the patron’s session upon request if no other patrons are waiting for a computer. Time may not be banked or transferred from day to day. 
      • Users are encouraged to enter their library card number at the start of each session. If a user does not have a library card, they may request a Guest Pass at the Circulation Desk.
      • Guest Passes are provided as a courtesy, and Coquille Public Library reserves the right to place limitations on the number and availability of Guest Passes should the need arise. 
    • All persons using library computers are responsible for printing costs as well as any damage to equipment or software resulting from abuse or inappropriate use. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for printing costs for materials generated by their child’s use of computers in the library, as well as for any damage that may result from their child’s misuse of the equipment or software. 
    • Refusal or failure to comply with the Electronic Access Policy may result in temporary or permanent restriction or loss of library use privileges, including computer use. 
      • The Director will make decisions about bans on a case-by-case basis, with consideration of other Code of Conduct violations and the severity of a patron’s actions. 
      • Reinstatement of library privileges shall occur only by written order of the Director. 
      • In the case of children 16 and under, reinstatement of privileges may occur only after a conference between a parent or legal guardian of the child and the Director or a designee thereof. 


  1. Coquille Library has free public Wi-Fi, available 24/7. A password is not required to access the public Wi-Fi. 
  2. The library’s internet use policy applies to personal wireless devices. 


  1. The Coquille Library does not have access to the scheduling or resources of the Community Building for patron use. If the Community Building (C.B.) is closed, Library patrons do not have access to: 
    • C.B. water fountain or restrooms 
    • Gym or small auditorium  
    • C.B. Offices 
  2. Library personnel are not required to provide access to the Community Building. 
  3. SMOKING – While on property, persons are not allowed to smoke or use tobacco or any organic material or other substances, as they are prohibited anywhere in the library building or on the adjacent property around the building. This prohibition includes all devices such as e-cigarettes, other devices, and inhalant delivery systems.  
  4. ALCOHOL – Alcohol consumption is prohibited on library property. 
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