1. When an item is returned, it will be inspected for damage and if all components are present (e.g., accompanying maps, CDs, booklets, inserts, or addenda) 
  2. Any item with missing pieces will NOT be checked in. A staff member will contact the patron by phone or email for the return of missing pieces. 
  3. Any damaged item will NOT be checked in. A staff member will contact the patron by phone or email for potential damage fees. 
  4. Patrons with damaged or missing items in need of replacement will be charged the full replacement value plus a processing fee. Coquille Public Library will not accept a replacement item in lieu of the item replacement fee.


Items without library markings are assumed to be donations. They will be assessed for potential addition to library collection or passed along to the Friends of the Library for fundraising purposes.


  1. Library of Things items must be returned to the circulation desk at Coos Bay.   
  2. If Library of Things items are returned to the Coquille book drop, library staff will call the patron for pickup.  
  3. Games, kits, and puzzles from other Coastline libraries can be returned to any Coastline library for normal delivery. 


  1. A library card is the preferable method to access patron accounts. If library card is not available, staff will ask for photo ID to verify patron, address, and DOB. If patron is a minor and photo ID is not available, staff may ask patron to verify address, phone number and email address on account. 
  2. Checkout Periods 
    • 7-Day: DVDs and Blu-Rays 
    • 21-Day:  All other items 
    • Interlibrary Loan Materials: The due date for ILL materials varies with the lending library. 
  3. Renewals 
    • All Coastline owned circulating items are renewable. Items may be renewed twice unless the item has a Hold placed by another patron. 
    • Items that have already been renewed twice or that are on hold for another patron must be returned to the library. Patron can request the item be placed on hold again for them. 
    • Patrons may renew items by telephoning one of the Coastline locations. Patrons must give their full name, address, and telephone number to renew items over the telephone. 
    • ILL items are not usually renewable. If patron needs more time, they must contact the ILL Specialist before the item is due to ensure ample time for staff to contact the lending library for renewal permission. This process may take longer than the loan period and fines may be accrued while waiting to hear from the lending library. The patron will be responsible for any fines accrued. General staff are not allowed to renew ILL items. 
    • When the internet is down, staff are unable to access patron accounts and are unable to renew items. 
  4. Overdue Items 
    • Overdue items may be renewed up to two times unless on hold for another patron. 
    • Items with “On hold” for another patron and items that have been renewed twice cannot be renewed. 
    • Items overdue for more than 30 days will be automatically billed the replacement fee. If the patron returns the lost item in good condition, replacement fees will be dropped. 
  5. Patron Owes Money 
    • Patrons with $5 or less in fees can continue to use their library card. If the patron owes more than $5, they cannot use their library card until they pay the balance down to $5 or less.   
    • Coastline is a fine free library system. There are not late fines for returning an item past its due date. 
    • Lost and damaged fees are the responsibility of the card holder. 
    • Paid lost or damaged fees will not be refunded. 
    • Patrons in collections must contact CSO Financial Company for assistance. Items in Collections cannot be returned. 


  1. Coastline makes all circulating materials available to patrons throughout the system via the Holds process. Patrons and/or staff can place a hold on material to be picked up at any Coastline library.  Holds can be placed in-person, by phone, and online. 
  2. Each Hold must be checked out on the card used to place the Hold. 
    • A friend or family member may pick up a hold for friends or family only if they present the library card of the person the hold is for or have a Card Sharing Policy already in place. 
  3. If a patron wishes to check out an item already on hold for another patron, they may place a hold for the next available copy of the item. 
  4. Any patron not notified of a Hold must verify the contact information and preferred method of notification. Email notification is preferred. 
  5. When the internet is down, patrons may pick up holds from the holds’ shelf with their library card. Library staff are unable to access patron accounts and therefore cannot place new holds for patrons while Koha is down. 


  1. Lost or damaged materials are billed for the full replacement cost plus a processing fee. 
  2. In the case of library material being lost in a theft involving the police, a fire, flood, or other disaster, the library may waive replacement costs. Alternatively, the patron’s private insurance may cover the loss. 

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