The Library has the role of community center for the display and promotion of non-profit cultural, educational, or civic events and meetings. 

Library bulletin boards are not intended as a political or opinions forum or for items of a personal or commercial nature. 

The Library reserves the right to remove any items posted at any time. Materials will not be posted for more than six weeks prior to the event. 

As space allows, notices must meet the following criteria: 

  • Non-profit: Events may require an admission fee but must be for a not-for-profit purpose. Events of a commercial, private, or personal business are not allowed.  
  • Educational: Public and private school functions, events for home school groups, and non-profit groups supporting education.  
  • Cultural: Cultural, non-profit groups or events, such as concerts, lectures, and theatrical presentations. 
  • Civic: Notices for events or meetings sponsored by local government or civic groups or clubs, including public notices by government agencies.   


  • Posting or distribution does not indicate endorsement of ideas, issues, or events promoted by the Library. 
  • The Library reserves the right to remove materials at any time for any reason. The Library reserves the right to refuse materials that are too large, are expected to remain posted more than six weeks, are submitted frequently, or generally prevent equitable use of space. 
  • The Library will not post or allow to be distributed any material that supports or opposes any current or pending ballot measure or political candidate or that solicit signatures on a petition or letter. 
  • The Library assumes no responsibility for the preservation or protection of materials.  Items will not be returned. 

In all cases, preference will be given to library sponsored events, and activities by library groups such as the Friends of the Library. Priority includes events sponsored by or for other Coastline libraries. 

All postings must be approved by circulation desk staff and posted as space allows. Staff will initial and date all material before posting. Items without staff identification will be promptly removed


The Coquille Public Library welcomes art exhibits and displays. 

The exhibit areas are made available to individuals and community groups to enrich the educational and cultural resources of the community. 

  • Display items include but are not limited to: Artwork, Antiques/collectibles, Handicrafts, Hobby materials, Library materials. 
  • Library staff may promote library services and programs on a space-available basis. 
  • The display areas are only to be used for educational and cultural enrichment purposes. 

Exhibits in the library display spaces are viewed by adults and children with varying degrees of sophistication, and from all walks of life. The Library requires individuals and groups to be mindful when selecting art or other material for public presentation. 

  • The Library does not endorse or advocate the viewpoints of exhibits or of the exhibitors. 
  • Written complaints regarding exhibits will be reviewed by the Director of Library Services, with referral to the Library Board for final determination, as necessary.  
  • It is not the intent of the Library to provide permanent or continuous exhibits. Reservations are required.  
  • The Library reserves the right to cancel a display at any time for any reason.

All exhibits must be contained within designated display areas. The Library provides the use of these exhibit spaces at no charge on a space-available, advance reservation basis to above-defined entities.  

Scheduling Exhibits – It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to set up and remove the exhibits at scheduled times. 


Members of the public are not allowed to set up tables for solicitation purposes within 25 feet of the library entrance. This content neutral policy applies to all groups, ensuring open access to the building by all patrons. 

Members of the public can set up tables for solicitation purposes on the City sidewalks provided they are 25′ or more from library entrances and following city guidelines and codes. 

Displays must not block patron access to the sidewalk or library. 

Public displays must always be staffed. People staffing displays are not allowed to engage individuals who are not interested. 

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