All donations in good condition are accepted and immediately become the property of Coquille Public Library and cannot be returned. 

  1. The library accepts donations of books, audiobooks, magazines, movies, and music. 
  2. Donations are accepted during normal business hours. 
  3. Donations are generally limited to 1 box or bag. The Library reserves the right to further limit or reject donations.
  4. Upon request, library staff will provide a tax-deductible receipt without value of the items being donated.   

All decisions for inclusion to the library collection will rest at the discretion of the library.   

  1. The person in charge of donations will sort items to determine the suitability for circulation, for salability by the Friends of the Library, for recycling and/or disposal. 
  2. Donated items may be chosen to refresh the existing collection.  
  3. Donations added to the collection will be withdrawn when worn or when content is no longer current. 
  4. Coquille Library reserves the right to discard any donated material at any time for any reason. 

Non-added items 

  1. The Friends of the Library sort donations not added to the library collection to be sold on Amazon, and/or added to the Coquille Friends of the Library Bookstore.   
  2. Items not passed along to the Friends are available for free to the community via our porch cart.
  3. Periodicals – donated periodicals are available on the porch cart. 

For more information, read our Donation FAQ.

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