1. Borrowing privileges are suspended for fees over $5.00.  
  2. Coastline is a fine free library system. There are not late fines for items returned past their due dates. 
    • Lost and damaged fees are the responsibility of the card holder. 
    • Patrons with $5 or less in fees can continue to use their library card. If the patron owes more than $5, they cannot use their library card until they pay the balance down to $5 or less.  
  3. Outside Coos/Curry Cards 
    • Fees must be paid with cash or check and made out to ESO-City of Coos Bay 
    • $100 for 12 months/365 days from date of payment. Cards are not renewed without payment of the annual non-resident fee and borrowing privileges are not permitted until the fee is paid. 
    • Receipt provided to patron should include: Patron name, library card number, physical address, mailing address if different, amount/type of payment, check number (if applicable). 


  1. Patrons will be charged $1 replacement fee for lost cards. 
  2. B/W Printing and Copies 20¢ per page
  3. Flash drives $3.00
  4. Earbuds $1.00
  5. When the internet is down, staff are unable to access patron accounts, thus unable to accept library fees. 


  1. There is no charge for Coastline’s ILL service but there is a $3 fee for all ILL items not picked up. 
  2. Fines for overdue ILLs accrue at 50 cents per day. The cost will be added to the patron account. No further ILLs will be processed until existing ILL fees are paid. 


A $25.00 charge will be assessed for any returned check. A staff member will contact the patron and bill their account for the fee and the amount of the check. Patron account will be blocked until total amount due is paid. Unpaid fines/fees are turned over to collections if payment arrangements are not made and honored. 


No refunds will be given for lost/paid items.


In the case of library materials involved in bankruptcy proceedings, the library is required to write off the items.

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