Fern Michaels Reading List

Captives Books Captive Passions Captive Embraces Captive Splendors Captive Secrets Texas Books Texas Rich Texas Heat Texas Fury Texas Sunrise Sins Books Sins of Omission (Unavailable) Sins of the Flesh Vegas Books Vegas Rich Vegas Heat Vegas Sunrise Kentucky Books Kentucky Rich Kentucky Heat Kentucky Sunrise Revenge of the Sisterhood Books Weekend Warriors Payback VendettaContinue reading “Fern Michaels Reading List”

Nora Roberts Reading List

Irish Hearts Books Irish Thoroughbred Sullivan’s Woman Irish Rose Irish Rebel Davidov Books Reflections Dance of Dreams MacGregors Books Serena, Caine (Playing the Odds; Tempting Fate) Alan, Grant (All the Possibilities; One Man’s Art) Daniel, Ian (For Now, Forever; In From the Cold) Rebellion The MacGregor Brides Robert & Cybil (The Winning Hand; The PerfectContinue reading “Nora Roberts Reading List”

Danielle Steele Reading List

Standalone Books A Accident Accidental Heroes Against All Odds All That Glitters (On Order) Amazing Grace Answered Prayers The Apartment The Award B Beauchamp Hall Betrayal Big Girl Bittersweet Blessing in Disguise Blue Bungalow 2 C The Cast Changes Child’s Play Coming Out The Cottage Country Crossings D Daddy Daddy’s Girls Dangerous Games The DarkContinue reading “Danielle Steele Reading List”