WINDOW/DOOR DISPLAY POLICY  The Library has the role of community center for the display and promotion of non-profit cultural, educational, or civic events and meetings.  Library bulletin boards are not intended as a political or opinions forum or for items of a personal or commercial nature.  The Library reserves the right to remove any itemsContinue reading “Displays”


FINES Borrowing privileges are suspended for fees over $5.00.   Coastline is a fine free library system. There are not late fines for items returned past their due dates.  Lost and damaged fees are the responsibility of the card holder.  Patrons with $5 or less in fees can continue to use their library card. If theContinue reading “Money”


All donations in good condition are accepted and immediately become the property of Coquille Public Library and cannot be returned.  The library accepts donations of books, audiobooks, magazines, movies, and music.  Donations are accepted during normal business hours.  Donations are generally limited to 1 box or bag. The Library reserves the right to further limit orContinue reading “Donations”

Material Selection Policy

The Materials Selection Policy states a philosophy with specific criteria for collection development. The policy aids library staff in selecting, acquiring, and maintaining a collection that is relevant for our diverse community. The policy also helps answer questions by the public regarding why materials are or are not in the collection.   Coquille Public Library aimsContinue reading “Material Selection Policy”


CHAPTER 192.355 PUBLIC RECORDS EXEMPT FROM DISCLOSURE The following public records are exempt from disclosure under ORS 192.311 to 192.487: (23) The records of a library, including:  Circulation records, showing use of specific library material by a named person  The name of a library patron together with the address or telephone number of the patron  TheContinue reading “Confidentiality”

Library Cards

BECOMING A COASTLINE LIBRARY CARD HOLDER Provide proof of identity with photo ID.  Provide proof of physical and mailing address.  For more information on obtaining a library card, see our FAQ. More details below under “Registration Requirements” RESPONSIBILITIES OF LIBRARY CARD USERS  Abide by library rules regarding behavior, public computer use, and borrowing materials.  AcceptContinue reading “Library Cards”