Policies & By-Laws

Coquille Public Library serves the community by offering resources for information, entertainment, personal growth, and lifelong learning in a comfortable, welcoming environment. We are dedicated to the delivery of people-oriented library services to encourage the love of reading and joy of learning for people of all ages.

Library Goals 

  1. Provide consistently high levels of customer service. 
  2. Provide materials and services that are responsive to the community’s interests and needs. 
  3. Support community access to system-wide resources through maintenance and use of the Coastline network. 
  4. Maximize library resources through effective operational and financial strategies. 
  5. Increase awareness and utilization of library services. 

Bylaws of the Coquille Public Library Board

Last revised February 2021; approved by the City Council on 07/06/2021

Coquille Public Library Policies

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