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Learning Express is a database offering many resources for continuing education at all ages! Browse through the categories below, or explore more through the Coos County Library Service District Education Resources.

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Recursos para Hispanohablantes

Tools with Tina


If you want to learn how to use and maintain tools, this video program might be for you! This program is for beginning, basic, practical, educational purposes. New videos will be added to our YouTube Channel, where you are welcome to comment questions or requests for specific tool instruction.

Themed Picture Books






New lists are being processed! If you’d like a list we don’t have, you can make one using your Coastline Account, or call us to request we make one!

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Crafter’s Club

Interested in doing crafts, but want a little company? Join us every month on the third Monday at 3 o’clock for our Crafter’s Club! There’s no schedule or requirements, just bring whatever craft you want to work on to the Zoom meeting for conversation and companionship!

Meeting ID: 942 0435 2638
Password: Crafts

Junior Book Club

We all know that reading is way more fun when you gush about your faves, but now it’s even more fun with Junior Book Club at the Coquille Public Library!

It’s our summer reading program for grades 4-12 (or any kiddos who are independently reading chapter books). The whole summer we play a game of Bookopoly or Book Bingo with prizes as kids complete the prompts that make up our game boards!

We focus on reading books that fit certain prompts instead of all reading the same thing at the same time. This gives kiddos the chance to read books that are interesting to each of them instead of feeling forced to read something they may not enjoy. It also encourages discussion as each kiddo has the chance to share what prompt they read and whether they liked the book or not.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Book Club

Coquille Public Library is hosting a monthly book club! Read a book of your choice based on each month’s theme, then join our Zoom meeting to discuss what we have all read!

Meetings will be held at 4 PM on the last Friday of every month.

Meeting ID: 938 2439 3778 Password: Library

Escape Rooms

Interested in a cooperative storytelling game you can play with your friends and family? Escape rooms require minimal preparation and cleanup, while providing maximum fun and interaction at varying difficulty levels! Escape Games are becoming more available in a variety of formats, including stationary locations, portable puzzle boxes, or location-neutral digital versions.

Here, we have compiled some of our favorite Escape Room options for you to explore and enjoy.

Eugene Public Library Digital Escape Rooms

Hogwarts Virtual Escape Room

Photo by Zachary Keimig on Unsplash