Game Night

Coquille Library is hosting a monthly Game Night! We have loads of board and card games for you to choose from, or you are welcome to share your favorite games with us! Come alone or bring a friend to the community building on the second Tuesday of every month from 6-8 PM!

2021 Game Nights

  • August 10th, 6:00 PM
  • September 14th, 6:00 PM
  • October 12th, 6:00 PM
  • November 9th, 6:00 PM
  • December 14th, 6:00 PM

Following the State Mandate, all indoor Library Programs will require masks!

Cooking in Coquille

Coquille Public Library has so many cookbooks for the benefit of our community! But it’s always more fun to make a recipe when you know what it will look or taste like! Cooking in Coquille is our video programming designed to entertain and educate anyone interested in the concept of food preparation.

New videos will be posted to our Facebook and YouTube channel!

J. A. Jance Reading List

J.P. Beaumont Books

  1. Until Proven Guilty
  2. Injustice For All
  3. Trial by Fury
  4. Taking the Fifth
  5. Improbable Cause
  6. A More Perfect Union
  7. Dismissed with Prejudice
  8. Minor in Possession
  9. Payment In Kind
  10. Without Due Process
  11. Failure to Appear
  12. Lying in Wait
  13. Name Withheld
  14. Breach Of Duty
  15. Birds of Prey
  16. Partner in Crime
  17. Long Time Gone
  18. Justice Denied
  19. Fire and Ice
  20. Betrayal of Trust
  21. Second Watch
  22. Ring In the Dead
  23. Stand Down
  24. Dance of the Bones
  25. Still Dead (novella)
  26. Proof of Life
  27. Sins of the Fathers

Joanna Brady Books

  1. Desert Heat
  2. Tombstone Courage
  3. Shoot Don’t Shoot
  4. Dead to Rights
  5. Skeleton Canyon
  6. Rattlesnake Crossing
  7. Outlaw Mountain
  8. Devil’s Claw
  9. Paradise Lost
  10. Partner in Crime
  11. Exit Wounds
  12. Dead Wrong
  13. Damage Control
  14. Fire and Ice
  15. Judgment Call
  16. The Old Blue Line (novella)
  17. Remains of Innocence
  18. Random Acts
  19. Downfall
  20. Field of Bones
  21. Missing and Endangered

Ali Reynolds Books

  1. Edge of Evil
  2. Web of Evil
  3. Hand of Evil
  4. Cruel Intent
  5. Trial by Fire
  6. Fatal Error
  7. Left for Dead
  8. Deadly Stakes
  9. Moving Target
  10. A Last Goodbye (Unavailable)
  11. Cold Betrayal
  12. No Honor Among Thieves (Available as Audiobook)
  13. Clawback
  14. Random Acts
  15. Man Overboard
  16. Duel to the Death
  17. The A List
  18. Taking the Veil (short story in Matchup by Lee Child)
  19. Credible Threat
  20. Unfinished Business

Walker Family Mysteries Books

  1. Hour of the Hunter
  2. Kiss of the Bees
  3. Day of the Dead
  4. Queen of the Night
  5. Dance of the Bones

Standalone Novels


Summer Science

Every summer we offer an exciting science program for the kids in our community! Following a different theme each year, we do experiments and learn about science on Wednesdays (conveniently right after the Summer Reading Program)!


Unfortunately, this year due to the COVID restrictions, our Squishy Science Program is only available virtually. We post new videos for our experiments on YouTube and Facebook each Wednesday between June 16th and August 11th!

Summer Reading Program

Come enjoy summer reading with Miss Shelly every Wednesday at 10:30! We meet in the community building large gym for Storytime Picnics! Bring a blanket and your sense of humor for all the stories we have for you this year!

If you can’t make it on Wednesday, Miss Shelly is still recording stories and putting them on our Facebook so you don’t miss out on her wonderful reading!

Continuing Education

Learning Express is a database offering many resources for continuing education at all ages! Browse through the categories below, or explore more through the Coos County Library Service District Education Resources.

ACT & SAT Test Preparation

Basic Computer Skills

Career Preparation

Core Skills




Grade School

High School


Placement Test Preparation

Grad School Preparation

Recursos para Hispanohablantes

Tools with Tina


If you want to learn how to use and maintain tools, this video program might be for you! This program is for beginning, basic, practical, educational purposes. New videos will be added to our YouTube Channel, where you are welcome to comment questions or requests for specific tool instruction.

Crafter’s Club

Interested in doing crafts, but want a little company? Join us every month on the third Monday at 3 o’clock for our Crafter’s Club! There’s no schedule or requirements, just bring whatever craft you want to work on to the meeting for conversation and companionship!

Join us in person or on Zoom!

Meeting ID: 942 0435 2638
Password: Crafts

Junior Book Club

We all know that reading is way more fun when you gush about your faves, but now it’s even more fun with Junior Book Club at the Coquille Public Library!

It’s our summer reading program for grades 4-12 (or any kiddos who are independently reading chapter books). The whole summer we play a game of Bookopoly or Book Bingo with prizes as kids complete the prompts that make up our game boards!

We focus on reading books that fit certain prompts instead of all reading the same thing at the same time. This gives kiddos the chance to read books that are interesting to each of them instead of feeling forced to read something they may not enjoy. It also encourages discussion as each kiddo has the chance to share what prompt they read and whether they liked the book or not.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash