Fern Michaels Reading List

Captives Books

  1. Captive Passions
  2. Captive Embraces
  3. Captive Splendors
  4. Captive Secrets

Texas Books

  1. Texas Rich
  2. Texas Heat
  3. Texas Fury
  4. Texas Sunrise

Sins Books

  1. Sins of Omission (Unavailable)
  2. Sins of the Flesh

Vegas Books

  1. Vegas Rich
  2. Vegas Heat
  3. Vegas Sunrise

Kentucky Books

  1. Kentucky Rich
  2. Kentucky Heat
  3. Kentucky Sunrise

Revenge of the Sisterhood Books

  1. Weekend Warriors
  2. Payback
  3. Vendetta
  4. The Jury
  5. Sweet Revenge
  6. Lethal Justice
  7. Free Fall
  8. Hide and Seek
  9. Hokus Pokus
  10. Fast Track
  11. Collateral Damage
  12. Final Justice
  13. Under the Radar
  14. Razor Sharp
  15. Vanishing Act
  16. Deadly Deals
  17. Game Over
  18. Cross Roads
  19. Deja Vu
  20. Home Free
  21. Gotcha!
  22. Blindsided
  23. Kiss and Tell
  24. Eyes Only
  25. In Plain Sight
  26. Point Blank
  27. Crash and Burn
  28. Need to Know
  29. Safe and Sound
  30. Cut and Run
  31. Truth and Justice
  32. Bitter Pill

Cisco Books

  1. No Place Like Home
  2. Family Blessings

The Godmothers Books

  1. The Scoop
  2. Exclusive
  3. Late Edition
  4. Deadline
  5. Breaking News
  6. Classified
  7. Hideaway (Available in Far and Away)
  8. Spirited Away (Available in Far and Away)
  9. Getaway (Available in Far and Away)

Men of the Sisterhood Books

  1. Upside Down (Available only as eBook)
  2. Countdown (Available only as eBook)
  3. Take Down (Available only as eBook)
  4. Double Down
  5. Fast and Loose
  6. High Stakes
  7. Truth or Dare
  8. Hot Shot

Standalone Books

Short Stories

James Patterson Reading List

Alex Cross Books

  1. Along Came A Spider
  2. Kiss the Girls
  3. Jack & Jill
  4. Cat & Mouse
  5. Pop Goes the Weasel
  6. Roses Are Red
  7. Violets Are Blue
  8. Four Blind Mice
  9. The Big Bad Wolf
  10. London Bridges
  11. Mary, Mary
  12. Cross
  13. Double Cross
  14. Cross Country
  15. I, Alex Cross
  16. Cross Fire
  17. Kill Alex Cross
  18. Alex Cross, Run
  19. Cross My Heart
  20. Hope to Die
  21. Cross Justice
  22. Cross the Line
  23. The People vs. Alex Cross
  24. Target
  25. Criss Cross
  26. Deadly Cross (On Order)


Women’s Murder Club Books

with Andrew Gross and Maxine Paetro

  1. 1st to Die
  2. 2nd Chance
  3. 3rd Degree
  4. 4th of July
  5. The 5th Horseman
  6. The 6th Target
  7. 7th Heaven
  8. The 8th Confession
  9. The 9th Judgment
  10. 10th Anniversary
  11. 11th Hour
  12. 12th of Never
  13. Unlucky 13
  14. 14th Deadly Sin
  15. 15th Affair
  16. 16th Seduction
  17. The 17th Suspect
  18. The 18th Abduction
  19. The 19th Christmas
  20. The 20th Victim
  21. 21st Birthday (Coming 2021)


Billy Harney Books

with David Ellis

  1. The Black Book
  2. The Red Book (Coming 2021)

Confessions Books

with Maxine Paetro

  1. Confessions of a Murder Suspect
  2. The Private School Murders
  3. The Paris Mysteries
  4. The Murder of an Angel

Crazy House Books

with Gabrielle Charbonnet

  1. Crazy House
  2. The Fall of Crazy House

Daniel X Books

YA Novels with Michael Ledwidge, Ned Rust, Adam Sadler, and Chris Grabenstein

  1. The Dangerous Days of Daniel X
  2. Watch the Skies
  3. Demons and Druids
  4. Game Over
  5. Armageddon
  6. Lights Out

Graphic Novels with Leopoldo Gout, Michael Ledwidge, Ned Rust, and Adam Sadler

Detective Harriet Blue Books

with Candace Fox

  1. Never Never
  2. Black & Blue (Bookshots)
  3. Hush

Honeymoon Books

with Howard Roughan

  1. Honeymoon
  2. Second Honeymoon

Instinct Books

with Howard Roughan

  1. Murder Games / Instinct
  2. Killer Instinct

Invisible Books

with David Ellis

  1. Invisible
  2. Unsolved

Maximum Ride Books

  1. The Angel Experiment
  2. School’s Out – Forever
  3. Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports
  4. The Final Warning
  5. Max
  6. Fang
  7. Angel
  8. Nevermore
  9. Maximum Ride Forever
  10. Hawk

Graphic Novels

Michael Bennett Books

with James O. Born, Michael Ledwidge

  1. Step on a Crack
  2. Worst Case
  3. Run for Your Life
  4. Tick Tock
  5. I, Michael Bennett
  6. Gone
  7. Burn
  8. Alert
  9. Bullseye
  10. Haunted
  11. Ambush
  12. Blindside


Murder is Forever Books

  1. Murder, Interrupted
  2. Home Sweet Murder
  3. Murder Beyond the Grave
  4. Murder Thy Neighbor
  5. Murder of Innocence (Coming 2020)
  6. Till Murder Do Us Part (Coming 2021)

NYPD Red Books

with Marshall Karp

  1. NYPD Red
  2. NYPD Red 2
  3. NYPD Red 3
  4. NYPD Red 4
  5. Red Alert
  6. NYPD Red 6 (Coming Soon)

Private Books

with Maxine Paetro, Mark Pearson, Mark T. Sullivan, Michael White, Ashwin Sanghi, Kathryn Fox, and Rees Jones

  1. Private
  2. Private London
  3. Private Games
  4. Private:#1 Suspect
  5. Private Berlin
  6. Private L.A.
  7. Private Down Under
  8. Private India
  9. Private Vegas
  10. Private Sydney / Missing
  11. Private Paris
  12. The Games
  13. Private Delhi / Count to Ten
  14. Princess


  • Private Royals (Unavailable)
  • Private: Gold (Unavailable)

Rory Yates Books

with Andrew Bourelle

  1. Texas Ranger
  2. Texas Outlaw

Travis McKinley Books

  1. Miracle on the 17th Green
  2. Miracle at Augusta
  3. Miracle at St. Andrews

When the Wind Blows Books

  1. When the Wind Blows
  2. The Lake House

Witch & Wizard Books

with Gabrielle Charbonnet, Ned Rust, Jill Dembowski, and Emily Raymond)

  1. Witch & Wizard
  2. The Gift
  3. The Fire
  4. The Kiss
  5. The Lost

Graphic Novels with Gabrielle Charbonnet, Svetlana Chmakova, Ned Rust, and Jill Dembowski

Zoo Books

with Michael Ledwidge

Standalone Books

Bookshots: Detective Luc Moncrief Books

With Richard DiLallo

  1. French Kiss
  2. The Christmas Mystery
  3. French Twist

Bookshots: Mitchum Books

With James O. Born

  1. Hidden
  2. Malicious

Bookshots: Standalone Stories

Bookshot Anthologies

Unavailable Bookshots

  • Break Point (with Lee Stone)
  • Heist (with Rees Jones)
  • Airport Code Red (with Michael White)
  • The Pretender (with Andrew Bourelle)
  • Trump vs. Clinton
  • The Women’s War (with Hilary Liftin)
  • Stealing Gulfstreams (with Max DiLallo)
  • Diary of a Succubus (with Derek Nikitas)
  • Stingrays (with Duane Swierczynski)
  • Nooners (with Tim Arnold)
  • Steeplechase (with Scott Slaven)
  • Deadly Cargo (with Will Jordan)
  • Scott Free (with Rob Hart)
  • Absolute Zero (with Ed Chatterton)
  • You’ve Been Warned – Again (with Derek Nikitas)
  • The Exile (with Alison Joseph)
  • Avalanche (with David Inglish)
  • Kill and Tell (with Scott Slaven)

Nonfiction Books

Middle School, Junior Reader, & Picture Books

Dog Diaries Books (with Steven Butler)

  1. Dog Diaries
  2. Happy Howlidays
  3. Mission Impawsible
  4. Curse of the Mystery Mutt
  5. Ruffing It (Coming 2021)

House of Robots Books (with Chris Grabenstein)

  1. House of Robots
  2. Robots Go Wild!
  3. Robot Revolution

I Funny Books (with Chris Grabenstein)

  1. I Funny
  2. I Even Funnier
  3. I Totally Funniest
  4. I Funny TV
  5. I Funny : School of Laughs
  6. Laugh Out Loud
  7. The Nerdiest, Wimpiest, Dorkiest I Funny Ever

Jacky Ha-Ha Books (with Chris Grabenstein)

  1. Jacky Ha-Ha (Coming Soon)
  2. My Life is a Joke

Max Einstein Books (with Chris Grabenstein)

  1. The Genius Experiment
  2. Rebels with a Cause
  3. Saves the Future

Middle School Series (with Chris Tebbetts, Lisa Papademetriou, Julia Bergen, and Martin Chatterton)

  1. Middle School, The Worst Years of My Life
  2. Get Me Out of Here!
  3. My Brother Is a Big, Fat Liar
  4. How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill
  5. Ultimate Showdown
  6. How I Got Lost in London – Unavailable
  7. Save Rafe!
  8. Just My Rotten Luck
  9. Going Bush – Unavailable
  10. Dog’s Best Friend
  11. Hollywood 101 – Unavailable
  12. Escape to Australia
  13. From Hero to Zero
  14. Born to Rock
  15. Master of Disaster
  16. Field Trip Fiasco – Coming 2021

Treasure Hunters Books (with Chris Grabenstein)

  1. Treasure Hunters
  2. Danger Down the Nile
  3. Secret of the Forbidden City
  4. Peril at the Top of the World
  5. Quest for the City of Gold
  6. All-American Adventure
  7. The Plunder Down Under

View complete list of picture books at Book Series in Order

J. D. Robb Reading List

In Death Books

  1. Naked in Death
  2. Glory in Death
  3. Immortal in Death
  4. Rapture in Death
  5. Ceremony in Death
  6. Vengeance in Death
  7. Holiday in Death
  8. Midnight in Death (available in Silent Night and Three in Death)
  9. Conspiracy in Death
  10. Loyalty in Death
  11. Witness in Death
  12. Judgment in Death
  13. Betrayal in Death
  14. Interlude in Death (available in Three in Death)
  15. Seduction in Death
  16. Reunion in Death
  17. Purity in Death
  18. Portrait in Death
  19. Imitation in Death
  20. Remember When
  21. Big Jack
  22. Divided in Death
  23. Visions in Death
  24. Survivor In Death
  25. Origin in Death
  26. Memory in Death
  27. Haunted in Death (available in Three in Death)
  28. Born in Death
  29. Innocent in Death
  30. Creation in Death
  31. Eternity in Death (available in Time of Death)
  32. Strangers in Death
  33. Salvation in Death
  34. Ritual In Death (available in Time of Death)
  35. Promises in Death
  36. Kindred in Death
  37. Missing in Death (available in Time of Death)
  38. Fantasy in Death
  39. Indulgence in Death
  40. Possession in Death (available in The Other Side)
  41. Treachery in Death
  42. New York to Dallas
  43. Chaos in Death (available in The Unquiet)
  44. Celebrity in Death
  45. Delusion in Death
  46. Calculated in Death
  47. Thankless in Death
  48. Taken in Death (available in Mirror, Mirror)
  49. Concealed in Death
  50. Festive in Death
  51. Obsession in Death
  52. Devoted in Death
  53. Wonderment in Death (available in Down the Rabbit Hole)
  54. Brotherhood in Death
  55. Apprentice in Death
  56. Echoes in Death
  57. Secrets in Death
  58. Dark in Death
  59. Leverage in Death
  60. Connections in Death
  61. Vendetta in Death
  62. Golden in Death
  63. Shadows in Death
  64. Faithless in Death (On Order, Coming 2021)

Standalone Novels & Anthologies

See also Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts Reading List

Irish Hearts Books

  1. Irish Thoroughbred
  2. Sullivan’s Woman
  3. Irish Rose
  4. Irish Rebel

Davidov Books

  1. Reflections
  2. Dance of Dreams

MacGregors Books

  1. Serena, Caine (Playing the Odds; Tempting Fate)
  2. Alan, Grant (All the Possibilities; One Man’s Art)
  3. Daniel, Ian (For Now, Forever; In From the Cold)
  4. Rebellion
  5. The MacGregor Brides
  6. Robert & Cybil (The Winning Hand; The Perfect Neighbor)
  7. The MacGregor Grooms

Miniseries Books

Cordina’s Royal Family Books

  1. Gabriella & Alexander (Affaire Royale; Command Performance)
  2. Bennett & Camilla (The Playboy Prince; Cordina’s Crown Jewel)


  1. Cordina’s Royal Family (Affaire Royale; Command Performance; The Playboy Prince)
  2. Cordina’s Crown Jewel

Sacred Sins Books

  1. Sacred Sins
  2. Brazen Virtue

O’Hurley’s Books

  1. Born O’Hurley / O’Hurley Born (The Last Honest Woman; Dance to the Piper)
  2. O’Hurley’s Return (Skin Deep; Without a Trace)

Loving Jack Books

  1. Love by Design (Loving Jack; Best Laid Plans)
  2. Lawless

The Stanislaskis/Those Wild Ukrainians Books

  1. The Stanislaski Sisters (Taming Natasha; Falling for Rachel)
  2. The Stanislaski Brothers (Luring a Lady; Convincing Alex)
  3. Chasing Destiny (Waiting for Nick; Considering Kate)

Calhoun Women Books

  1. The Calhouns : Catherine, Amanda and Lilah (Courting Catherine; A Man for Amanda; For the Love of Lilah)
  2. The Calhouns. Suzanna and Megan (Suzanna’s Surrender; Megan’s Mate)

Night Tales Books

  1. Keep You Close (Night Moves; Night Shift)
  2. Night Shadow
  3. Stolen (Nightshade; Night Smoke)
  4. Night Shield (Unavailable)

Donovan Legacy Books

  1. Captivated & Entranced (Captivated; Entranced)
  2. The Donovan Legacy (Captivated; Entranced; Charmed)
  3. Charmed & Enchanted (Charmed; Enchanted)

Concannon Sisters Books

  1. Born in Fire
  2. Born in Ice
  3. Born in Shame
  4. Born In Trilogy (Born in Fire; Born in Ice; Born in Shame)

MacKade Brothers Books

  1. Rafe and Jared (The Return of Rafe MacKade; The Pride of Jared MacKade)
  2. Devin and Shane (The Heart of Devin MacKade; The Fall of Shane MacKade)

Templeton House Books

  1. Daring to Dream
  2. Holding the Dream
  3. Finding the Dream
  4. Dream Trilogy (Daring to Dream; Holding the Dream; Finding the Dream)

Stars of Mithra Books

  1. Hidden Star
  2. Captive Star
  3. Secret Star

Chesapeake Bay/Quinn Bros. Books

  1. Sea Swept
  2. Rising Tides
  3. Inner Harbor
  4. Chesapeake Blue

Gallaghers Of Ardmore Books

  1. Jewels of the Sun
  2. Tears of the Moon
  3. Heart of the Sea

Three Sisters Island Books

  1. Dance Upon the Air
  2. Heaven and Earth
  3. Face the Fire

Key Trilogy Books

  1. Key of Light
  2. Key of Knowledge
  3. Key of Valor

In the Garden Books

  1. Blue Dahlia
  2. Black Rose
  3. Red Lily

The Circle Trilogy Books

  1. Morrigan’s Cross
  2. Dance of the Gods
  3. Valley of Silence

Sign of Seven Books

  1. Blood Brothers
  2. The Hollow
  3. The Pagan Stone

The Bride Quartet Books

  1. Vision In White
  2. Bed of Roses
  3. Savor the Moment
  4. Happy Ever After

Inn Boonsboro Books

  1. The Next Always
  2. The Last Boyfriend
  3. The Perfect Hope

Cousins O’Dwyer Books

  1. Dark Witch
  2. Shadow Spell
  3. Blood Magick

Guardians Books

  1. Stars of Fortune
  2. Bay of Sighs
  3. Island of Glass

The One Books

  1. Year One
  2. Of Blood and Bone
  3. The Rise of Magicks


Standalone Novels

See also J. D. Robb

John Sandford Reading List

Prey/Lucas Davenport Books

  1. Rules of Prey
  2. Shadow Prey
  3. Eyes of Prey
  4. Silent Prey
  5. Winter Prey
  6. Night Prey
  7. Mind Prey
  8. Sudden Prey
  9. Secret Prey
  10. Certain Prey
  11. Easy Prey
  12. Chosen Prey
  13. Mortal Prey
  14. Naked Prey
  15. Hidden Prey
  16. Broken Prey
  17. Invisible Prey
  18. Phantom Prey
  19. Wicked Prey
  20. Storm Prey
  21. Buried Prey
  22. Stolen Prey
  23. Silken Prey
  24. Field of Prey
  25. Gathering Prey
  26. Extreme Prey
  27. Golden Prey
  28. Twisted Prey
  29. Neon Prey
  30. Masked Prey

Kidd & LuEllen Books

  1. The Fool’s Run
  2. The Empress File
  3. The Devil’s Code
  4. The Hanged Man’s Song

Virgil Flowers Books

  1. Dark of the Moon
  2. Heat Lightning
  3. Rough Country
  4. Bad Blood
  5. Shock Wave
  6. Mad River
  7. Storm Front
  8. Deadline
  9. Escape Clause
  10. Deep Freeze
  11. Holy Ghost
  12. Bloody Genius

Singular Menace Books

With Michelle Cook

  1. Uncaged
  2. Outrage
  3. Rampage

Standalone Books


  • Rhymes With Prey: Lincoln Rhyme vs. Lucas Davenport – Available in FaceOff
  • Deserves to be Dead – Available in MatchUp

Nonfiction Books

  • The Eye And The Heart (Unavailable)
  • Plastic Surgery (Unavailable)


How can I donate?

If you want to donate, call to verify the best time and manner of bring by the donation. We typically limit donations to one bag or box at a time. You can bring your bag or box inside and we’ll take it from there!

What can I donate?

We accept all kinds of materials: hardbacks, paperbacks, magazines, DVDs, CDs. However, we do not accept encyclopedias, condensed books, or National Geographic magazines.

We also accept McKay’s receipt donations! Save your McKay’s receipts and donate them to help raise money for our new library!

What happens to my donations?

After our volunteer has sorted your donation, we will:

  • add items to our collection
  • give items to the Friends of the Coquille Pubic Library to sell to raise funds for our new library
  • add items to our book  or magazine exchange to share with the rest of the community

All donations are greatly appreciated and are used for the benefit of our community! For more information, read our Donation Policies.

Wilbur Smith Reading List

Courtney Books

In Chronological Order

  1. Birds of Prey
  2. Golden Lion
  3. Monsoon
  4. The Tiger’s Prey
  5. Blue Horizon
  6. Ghost Fire
  7. When the Lion Feeds
  8. The Triumph of the Sun
  9. Assegai
  10. The Sound of Thunder (The Roar of Thunder)
  11. War Cry
  12. Power of the Sword
  13. A Sparrow Falls
  14. The Burning Shore
  15. Rage
  16. Courtney’s War
  17. Golden Fox
  18. A Time to Die
  19. Legacy of War (Coming 2021)

Ballantyne Books

In Chronological Order

  1. Call of the Raven
  2. Flight of the Falcon (A Falcon Flies)
  3. Men of Men
  4. The Triumph of the Sun
  5. King of Kings
  6. The Angels Weep
  7. The Leopard Hunts in Darkness

Ancient Egypt Books

In Chronological Order

  1. River God
  2. Desert God
  3. Pharaoh
  4. Warlock
  5. The Quest
  6. The Seventh Scroll

Hector Cross Books

  1. Those in Peril
  2. Vicious Circle
  3. Predator

Standalone Books

Nonfiction Books

  • On Leopard Rock (Unavailable)

Danielle Steele Reading List

Standalone Books


























Nonfiction Books

Children’s Books

List of Children’s Books available on Book Series in Order

Stuart Woods Reading List

Stone Barrington Books

  1. New York Dead
  2. Dirt
  3. Dead in the Water
  4. Swimming to Catalina
  5. Worst Fears Realized
  6. L.A. Dead
  7. Cold Paradise
  8. The Short Forever
  9. Dirty Work
  10. Reckless Abandon
  11. Two Dollar Bill
  12. Dark Harbor
  13. Fresh Disasters
  14. Shoot Him If He Runs
  15. Hot Mahogany
  16. Loitering with Intent
  17. Kisser
  18. Lucid Intervals
  19. Strategic Moves
  20. Bel-Air Dead
  21. Son of Stone
  22. D.C. Dead
  23. Unnatural Acts
  24. Severe Clear
  25. Collateral Damage
  26. Unintended Consequences
  27. Doing Hard Time
  28. Standup Guy
  29. Carnal Curiosity
  30. Cut and Thrust
  31. Paris Match
  32. Insatiable Appetites
  33. Hot Pursuit
  34. Naked Greed
  35. Foreign Affairs
  36. Scandalous Behavior
  37. Family Jewels
  38. Dishonorable Intentions
  39. Sex, Lies & Serious Money
  40. Below the Belt
  41. Fast and Loose
  42. Indecent Exposure
  43. Quick & Dirty
  44. Unbound
  45. Shoot First
  46. Turbulence
  47. Desperate Measures
  48. A Delicate Touch
  49. Wild Card
  50. Contraband
  51. Stealth
  52. Treason
  53. Hit List
  54. Choppy Water
  55. Shakeup (On Order)
  56. Double Jeopardy (Coming 2021)

Holly Barker Books

  1. Orchid Beach
  2. Orchid Blues
  3. Blood Orchid
  4. Reckless Abandon
  5. Iron Orchid
  6. Hothouse Orchid

Ed Eagle Books

  1. Santa Fe Rules
  2. Short Straw
  3. Santa Fe Dead
  4. Santa Fe Edge

Rick Barron Books

  1. The Prince of Beverly Hills
  2. Beverly Hills Dead

Teddy Fay Books

With Parnell Hall and Bryon Quertermous

  1. Smooth Operator
  2. The Money Shot
  3. Skin Game
  4. Bombshell
  5. Jackpot (Coming 2021)

Will Lee Books

  1. Chiefs
  2. Run Before the Wind
  3. Deep Lie
  4. Grass Roots
  5. The Run
  6. Capital Crimes
  7. Mounting Fears

Standalone Novels

Nonfiction Books

Support The Friends

There are several ways we can support the Friends of the Library. Periodically, the Friends will host community events or book sales, which will be announced on our Events page. Attending those events is one way to be more involved with the community and the library.

Additionally, the Friends of the Library has opened a bookstore in downtown Coquille! You can browse donated items available for purchase, and the funds will go towards the construction of our new library building! Learn more about the Friends of the Library Bookstore HERE.

Donations are another way to support both the Library and the Friends!

A final option is to connect your Amazon Prime account to the Friends Amazon Smile charity organization. If you’ve never heard of Amazon Smile before, learn more about the program here. Here are the steps to add the Friends as your preferred charity organization:

  1. Instead of going to Amazon.com to do your shopping, go to Smile.Amazon.com. Follow the prompts from the “Get Started” link.
  2. When it prompts you to select the charity you’d like to support, search for “Friends of the Coquille Library Foundation Inc” (shown in image below)
  3. Hit “Select” and you’re now set up to support the Friends any time you shop on Amazon! It doesn’t cost you anything extra and you help raise funds for our Friends!